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Maria Petersen Releases 3 CDs Featuring Her Zither

Maria Petersen from Omaha has 3 brand new CD’s out featuring her zither. Certainly one of the most difficult of stringed instruments to play, Maria has a very nice and beautiful way with her instrument, made for her by her father. She recorded the projects at Tesco Recording in Omaha, and is more than pleased with the results. She took her zither to Roanoke, Virginia for a concert, to a highly pleased crowd. She will be performing at LeMars too. I love her version of the ‘Third Man Theme’, it’s beautiful.

Bob Everhart National Traditional Country Music Association

(Studio note: Maria also features her German/Bavarian vocals on a number of the songs – particularly on her “Bavarian Childhood” disc which showcases songs from her early years growing up in Germany.)