Monthly Archives: November 2010

Studio Gear Update

At Tesco Productions our on-going effort is to make our clients’ experience here the most enjoyable and beneficial as possible.  In the past few years we have been implementing an expanded headphone monitoring system.  As a musician you know how critical it is to hear properly – whether performing, jamming or recording.  For some time we have utilized a system that allowed the key parts of a group to be set independently by the individual musicians.  This was a great improvement over simple stereo feeds.

Most recently we expanded this by adding a “me monitor” option.  Each musician is able to set the volume of his/her microphone and/or instrument in their own headphone independent of any other musician or studio settings.  This can be done in addition to still having access to the main elements of the group.  It has proven very popular.  And a side benefit – as an engineer I can spend more time focused on my responsibility – getting you a good recording.  This is much easier to accomplish when everyone is performing at their best.