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‘This Side of Sunday’ Featured in Council Bluffs, IA Paper

‘This Side of Sunday’ was recently honored with an article in The Daily Nonpereil February 11.  Following their CD release performance, Tim Johnson (staff writer), had this to say:  “A local Christian band has released its first CD.  ..The disk, recorded last fall at Tesco Productions in Omaha, features 10 songs with music and lyrics by Rich Riche, who does vocals, guitar and mandolin in the band.  Among the titles are “Take Me to the Jordan,” “Grateful,” “Lord God Almighty” and the title track [“Crazy World”].  Themes include praise, prayer and a little social commentary. ..The title track’s words include ‘In the land of the free we’re slaves to our debt’ and ‘It’s OK to murder babies but we really gotta save the whales.’  The sound is acoustic, and band members include Riche, ..Mark Buckingham, banjo; Brian Owens, vocals and guitar; Jack Anderson, upright bass; and Dwayne Riche, percussion.  The style is predominantly bluegrass.”

“‘We love playing on acoustic instruments, so we just kept talking about what would sound good together if we didn’t go back to the electronics,’ Rich Riche said.  The five musicians had all played for worship services at Refuge Church and got together and formed the band in May 2010, said Dwayne Riche, Rich Riche’s cousin, who plays Cajon, or box drum, in the group. ..’We’re looking to add a fiddler at some point – someone that relates well with us,’ Rich Riche said.”  (Article excerpts published with permission from The Daily NonPereil, Council Bluffs, IA)

A big thank you to The Daily Nonpereil, and keep up the good work guys!

‘Glory Road’ Well On Their Way With Sixth CD Recording

It is among the greatest of honors to again be called on by those clients who have grown to value us over the years.  Such is the case with ‘Glory Road’, a gospel quartet based in Council Bluffs, IA.  We all had the privilege to launch their sixth CD recording at Tesco Productions yesterday.  For over five years their current configuration has been Shawn – high tenor, Wyatt – tenor, Larry-baritone, and Rand-bass.  This group has grown well together as friends and musicians.  Monday they laid down vocals on six of the fifteen songs that will comprise their latest CD.  This project has a wider variety of music styles as it showcases their expanding abilities as a group.  They have been including one or two of their earliest CDs’ songs in their latest offerings as they phase out some of the original releases.  Two more sessions are scheduled this month to finish up the vocal recordings and then we’ll be mixing.  Keep checking here for updates as the CD nears completion.

‘Glory Road’ is always looking for additional opportunities to share their message in song.  One segment of outreach for them is traveling within the Midwest area to mid-sized and smaller churches that may not have a lot of musicianship available within their congregation.  They are also called on for some special events and fund-raisers.  Last summer they launched a special music day in Bayliss Park (downtown Council Bluffs).  They hope this will be an annual event to showcase Council Bluffs, IA Christian-based musicians.  You can contact ‘Glory Road’ through their website or drop us a note on our contact page.

‘This Side of Sunday’ CD Release Concert Well Supported

Last Saturday evening over 200 attendees enjoyed the music and message of ‘This Side of Sunday’ at their CD release concert. It was held in Council Bluffs, IA at Refuge Bible Church. The weather granted us rain/snow that day but it didn’t keep folks from celebrating the CD kickoff. We were all treated to plenty of refreshments in the church foyer prior to the music which was much appreciated. My good friend Allyn provided some excellent technology and expertise (and a lot of time) for the Thursday rehearsal and Saturday performance.

The evening was opened by ‘Orphan’s Cry’. This trio certainly set the stage nicely and were a great compliment for what followed. Dwayne (cajon player-This Side of Sunday) said CD sales were off to a great start.

If you visit our photo gallery you can see additional pics of This Side of Sunday.

a very speical evening with This Side of Sunday