Monthly Archives: April 2011

Tesco Productions Adds Pro Tools Options

In the ever on-going process of looking for ways to enhance our client’s products and your listening pleasure, Tesco Productions has recently added to its Pro Tools offerings.

The existing Pro Tools M-Audio system was upgraded with the addition of the Eleven LE plug-in. This plug-in contains a number of guitar, amp and microphone models which can be used to enhance or replace an existing guitar track. Initial tests of it are very impressive. So, if you’re concerned about the quality of your instrument or amp, we can probably find a sound that will suit you real well.  Eleven is a great complement to the WaveMachine Labs Drumagog drum replacement plug-in which is also on our M-Powered PC Pro Tools system.

Additionally, a third Pro Tools system will soon be added with Pro Tools LE. This setup was purchased to provide even more options for a variety of plug-ins. Initially this includes Sony’s Oxford Plug-in Inflator. This plug-in was acquired particularly for our acoustic clients – which is a large base of the music we record. I’ll be able to hopefully provide feedback soon on how it works as I haven’t yet had time to get the LE system assembled. Along with Inflator we now also have the Soundtoys UltraFX bundle which includes FilterFreak, PhaseMistress, Crystallizer and Tremolator. I’m looking forward to hearing them as well. They probably won’t find big use for our acoustic clients, but we’ll put them to use somewhere I’m sure.

So keep your eyes and ears posted here for examples of these upgrades – or better yet come by and take a listen in the studio.