Monthly Archives: June 2011

What A Great Way To Start The Week!

Well my arm was twisted (not really) to be part of a family event this morning.  Maria & Roger Petersen have their son & family (and a cousin) in Omaha visiting and I was able to be part of a fishing outing with them.  We all met up at Two Rivers State Park and filled our tag limits by noon.

Family Memories & FIshing

It’s always a great privilege to work with great clients – but even more wonderful to be included in their special times.  Maria recorded three zither and zither/vocal CDs here and you can find more information about them in earlier posts, see her award for Zither Extravaganza in the photo gallery, and you can also hear examples of her music on our audio page.  To order her music drop us a note from our contact page.  Thanks for letting me share your morning!

Glory Road’s Latest CD Due Out This Weekend

One of the last completed items prior to heading south for wheat harvest was Glory Road‘s new CD master.

Glory Road's Latest CD

Chapter VI is scheduled for release this weekend.  Larry Shanno (baritone) said over lunch yesterday that they’re all quite pleased with how it turned out.  I think you’ll agree when you get your copy.  You can check out their website for more info and to hear clips of the songs, or contact us and we’ll put you in touch with them.  The song listing is viewable in our photo gallery.  Congratulations on this latest accomplishment and may you continue to be a blessing to so many who hear and meet you.

Tom Revisits His Rural Roots

Tom Combining Wheat
Wheat Field Cracks

Earlier this month we got a phone call from my father-in-law that wheat harvest had arrived.  It came earlier this year than normal in the Texas panhandle due to the extreme dryness and hot weather they’ve had so much of this spring.  The ground is gaping for the rains.  It’s too bad we can’t share some of the Missouri River overflow with them.

We spent about a day getting the combine ready and the following day I cut a little over a truck load.  I guess it’s kind of like riding a bike, you never forget how once you’ve done it.  The remainder of the time was spent driving loaded wheat to town.  One thing I do tend to forget is how loud some things are on the farm.  I did manage to record a number of cool sound effects to add to the agricultural collection.  I’m always reminded of so many aspects of farm life that affect who I am today, glad I can help out at times, and grateful also for the opportunity to work everyday where I am.