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Bayliss Park Rings With Gospel Music

Father's Voice starting off the afternoon
This Side of Sunday playing it out

Last Saturday a nice-sized crowd relaxed under the welcome shade trees in Bayliss Park in downtown Council Bluffs.  Larry Shanno and all the Glory Road folks had organized an afternoon of gospel singing featuring Council Bluffs area groups.  The weather was beautiful and the park fountain showered an occasional misty breeze across the stage. Most folks were there all afternoon listening to styles ranging from southern gospel, traditional and old-time/bluegrass.  Three of  Tesco Productions’ client groups were there – Father’s Voice, This Side of Sunday and Glory Road.
One of my projects the past several weeks was rebuilding portions of a mixing console and it was put to good use Saturday. I hung around and helped with stage transitions between groups and did some mixing for This Side of Sunday.  Thank you to all the musicians who participated, those who came to listen, and a big hats off to Glory Road for all the time and effort necessary to make this available to the Council Bluffs community.  Larry Shanno reminded the park attendees that this annual event is planned again for the last Saturday in August 2012.

Glory Road concludes the day
Larry & Karen Shanno wearing various hats

Ricky Zapata Releases 4-Song CD

Why would you work three jobs, spend two or three evenings a week for several weeks in the studio, and accommodate a number of other people’s schedules all at the same time? According to Ricky Zapata, “I’m starting to live my dream”. Zapata Records just released Ricky’s first CD “Mi Comienzo (I Am NEXT!)” – a compilation of multiple talents and artists featuring four songs written by Ricky Zapata. The first song with guitar and vocal “El Pollo” is in a more traditional Hispanic style and showcases the performance of Abraham Franco. The remaining three songs “Rap Corrido”, “Mic Check” and “Renace En Mi Corazon” are squarely Hip Hop/Rap. The vocals are by multiple artists primarily featuring Ricky Zapata. The songs speak of Ricky’s journey over the last several years through some times he says, “I’m glad to have behind me”. The lyrics are “real” and at times edgy, performed both in Spanish and English. The first song in its entirety and the beats and some vocals of the other three songs were recorded at a couple of other facilities in Omaha. Tesco Productions added enhancements to the three Hip Hop/Rap songs including some effects from our sound effects library, recorded the main vocals and completed the mix.

I would have to say I’ve never seen anyone so excited to have their first CD out and Ricky is moving the CDs quickly. Tesco Productions recently purchased a Bravo CD Replicator/Printer and he’s been keeping me hopping staying ahead of his sales. He was given the opportunity to perform one of his songs at a local Hispanic nightclub recently and is looking forward to getting his music career off to a solid start. Ricky, I say, “you’re well on your way”. You can connect with Ricky Zapata through our contact page and see his performance on You Tube.

Ricardo's CD shot-August 2011