Monthly Archives: September 2011

Glory Road Holds Chapter VI CD Release Concert

As promised Glory Road has officially released their latest CD Chapter VI with a concert hosted by First Lutheran Church in Omaha.  The concert reflected the variety of music you’ll enjoy when you acquire this latest offering.  As the group has progressed musically and added other members they have revisited some tunes from earlier recordings as well as adding a number of new ones.  Tesco Productions was again honored to be chosen for this recording and they’ve produced a great product.  Thought maybe we’d have “CD on a stick” offered at this performance – but, maybe next time (ask Shawn).

Glory Road singing it out!
Shawn, what have done this time?

This Side of Sunday Receives “Best Original Gospel CD” Award

This Side of Sunday has been honored by the USA Rural Roots Music Commission in receiving the 2011 “Best Original Gospel CD Of The Year” award for Crazy World.  The presentation was made by Bob Everhart at the annual National Traditional Country Music Association festival held in Le Mars, IA.  That event kicked off their forty minute set which was greatly enjoyed by the attending audience.  This is the second consecutive year Tesco Productions has had the privilege of recording a CD that has earned one of the prestigious CD of the Year awards from the USA Rural Roots Music Commission. Last year Maria Petersen was honored for her Zither Extravaganza recording.  In the summer 2011 edition of Tradition Bob writes after reviewing Crazy World: “I’m so impressed with this local band from Council Bluffs, Iowa.  They have one of the most unique and wonderfully different acoustic approaches to country/folk/bluegrass I’ve ever heard. ..these guys turn in a gutsy down-to-earth Gospel treat that’s hard to beat.  Tom Sharman at Tesco (Productions) Studios in Omaha also turns in a really really nice ‘acoustic’ mix that can’t be beat.  Tom is getting very familiar with ‘how to’ record and mix acoustic instruments, and make voices stand out and harmony harmonize with all of it.  He’s my favorite studio in the upper Midwest.  Everything coming out of his studio is special.  Might be his Christian upbringing, but put him together with a nice Christian group like ‘This Side of Sunday’ and you have a definite winner.  No boring stuff here, ..Yep, this is my band in all things that they do.  ..I can just see Tom Sharman working with these guys.  You can tell he likes them too because the mix is so good.  He had to spend some additional time doing this with them, simply because they are so original and unique.  Hang in there boys, you’re on the right track.”  This Side of Sunday went on to perform that weekend in the Memphis, TN area and will be back there this coming weekend.  Great work guys, and keep on keeping the main thing the main thing!