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Debi Erdei Records Demo

Debi Erdei has been in and around Tesco Productions a number of times over the years, and most recently recorded the keys and vocal demo of a special song. It’s always encouraging to have a longtime client call again and ask to come by and do another project – small or large. We managed to fit our busy schedules together for the demo recording and it’s off now to the expert musicianship of Tim Tyler for orchestration. I’m very anxious to hear what it turns into – always very nice. There’s been interest expressed for a heartfelt use of this song so we all hope it will work out that way. If it does, I’m sure you’ll hear more about it later on. Thanks for coming in Debi.

Debi records demo keys
Debi plays her special song

Debi records demo vocal
There's a smile here

Angela Sharman Honing In On Final Songs


Angela records last guitar tracks
Angela always loves to play

Angela Sharman, who finds herself often best expressed through her art, is getting much closer to closing a chapter in her life.  She has patiently written her songs and then found time to come to Omaha and get each one laid down.  The final two rhythm and vocal tracks are completed – aside from some tweaks here and there – and she’s pretty excited to get this accomplished!

Jake again kept us all on beat with his very capable drumming.  We’ll keep you posted as this project totally winds up.

Jake at the studio drumming
Jake keeps us in line

Dad got a little out of hand though, so it was good to have some maturity in the room – or is he just pulling out the ole magic?!

Tom pulls out the magic hat
Dad with his studio magic