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Deb Erdei – “If You Just Believe”

Deb Erdei again found herself spending a number of studio hours on her latest song.  Through friends and family Deb was invited to submit a song for possible use in a movie planning to be shot during the coming year.

Deb Erdei-singer/songwriter
Deb-"If You Just Believe"

“If You Just Believe” is a song about faith to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and watch God do the impossible.  I referred Deb to Chuck Pennington (Panda Productions) to provide arranging and orchestration.  The song was tracked at Warehouse Productions, Inc. in Omaha and then transferred to Tesco Productions for editing and mixing.  Although I had spoken with Tom Ware over the years we had actually never met and it was good to “shop talk” and provide a smooth interface for Deb to record her song.

Deb & Tom after recording session
Deb & Tom-recording day

The mix is virtually done (is this the last version??) and has already been submitted to the movie writer and director for their review and consideration.  Hopefully we can share more details down the road and when we get the final version ready we’ll let you get a sneak preview.  Deb credits her Creator for each opportunity and the songs that keep coming.  May there be many more!

Early March In Review

It’s been a very busy month at Tesco Productions and it was kicked off the first Saturday evening by running sound for the 15th annual AquarianFest.  This event is largely spearheaded by Ron Green and has been an Omaha tradition of bringing together some “older” folk singers, rockers, and other music genre players and listeners to spend an evening around live music.  Many of the tunes take you back two or three decades or so when some of us (at least of my age) were much younger.  The event seems to grow in interest each year and Ron has his hands full organizing and maintaining an adequate venue.

Eric & Denise back for AquarianFest
Eric & Denise add their groove

Eric & Denise made their annual trek from the Chicago area to reunite the Fishippies and it’s always good to see them again (and splurge at Red Lobster!).  Eric worked at Tesco Productions for a while and they have hosted my wife and I in their home when vacationing.  Seven groups and individuals performed from 7 to midnight + and reminded us that our world still seeks true peace and love.  But alas, there was one casualty.  The main house power amp apparently couldn’t handle all the excitement.  So who needs incense when you can smoke an amp?!

The amp that couldn't
Electronic Incense

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