Monthly Archives: June 2012

Let the Good Times Rumble & Roll

This afternoon my wife and I were privileged to be part of my nephew’s wedding in Lincoln. The ceremony was a beautiful tribute to God’s grace and guidance in their lives and they were properly “hitched”.

We rumble off class A
Upon leaving the church they were rumbled off (literally) in the rumble seat of a 1931 Ford Model A heading to the reception. Well my mother was very fascinated by the old car (with memories of childhood days) and mentioned to the owner/driver that she sure would love to ride in one of those someday. The reply, “Why not now?!” So with her in the passenger seat and another nephew and me packed in the rumble seat we got a short trip around the capital city. That was definitely a first. May it be for Jessica and Cody just the beginning of a long and wonderful ride together.

DeJa Blu Sounding Good All Over Again

This past week found DeJa Blu in Tesco Productions recording their next music release. Pam and Diane are no strangers to the area or singing and have traveled in various capacities over the past years giving many small group performances. Their current focus as a duo includes both foreground and background music for benefit dinners, weddings and anniversaries, funerals, air shows, reunions, holiday events and most any occasion calling for a special touch of vocal harmonies and music covering a wide genre of time and style.
We all enjoyed getting started as you are – singing the songs we love to remember…again.