Monthly Archives: July 2012

Deb Erdei’s Music Keeps Flowing

Deb Erdei is continuing her God-given inspiration and we’ve recorded and imported from her recordings a number of additions – whether more parts for prior songs or all new material. Having an opportunity to submit songs to a particular writer/producer has encouraged her pen and keys and three more songs were completed Saturday for this purpose. Some of these songs will find their way onto her “Joy On The Other Side” CD which is nearing a wrap-up. Other musicians have recently been invited to add vocal and instrumental parts as well. Jay laid a couple of driving rock guitar tracks and harmony vocal, Taylor added a young vocal sound, and Jami added her vocal styling to Deb’s latest song. A thorough mix and runoff were made Saturday evening and it will soon be on its way.

Jay rocks the house
Taylor adds her vocal style
Jami lays out a vocal
Deb & Jami share the studio

As mentioned during the past couple of months, Tesco Productions has been adding upgraded mic pre-amps and compressors to their sound offerings. Today’s session utilized a couple of these pieces and the end result was very pleasing. Now finding time to install them all?!


Grupo Ilusion De Tierra Caliente CD Near Final Production

Grupo Ilusion De Tierra Caliente has the “final” version of their lastest recording in their hands. We all spent a good amount of time to create the best finished disc, and aside from a few minor changes it sounds like it’s good to go. We’ll let you know when it’s officially concluded. The concensus all around was that the CD turned out very well and will be a good listening experience. Gracias.