Monthly Archives: January 2013

This Side of Sunday Back In Studio Recording Single

This Side of Sunday recorded their first CD at Tesco Productions in late 2010 debuting as Crazy World.  The group has seen a lot of mileage, both from the CD and on the road since that time, and it’s time to start working on some new material so a single is being recorded for now.  Scheduling the band members and working around the holidays and flu has made the process kind of slow.  The group consists of three new members and so their sound has changed some but the core essence is still there.  Kristin Riche is laying in a nice vocal line for the song, while her husband Chad is playing out the low end on electric bass.  Keith Wilson – a long time friend of Tesco Productions and musician extraordinaire – has joined in on dobro and acoustic.  We’re putting the newly acquired mics and pre-amps to work and definitely appreciating the enhanced sounds.  There’s some pics up in our photo gallery of their session.