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The Music Flows Again at AquarianFest

This past Saturday Gator O’Malley’s was once again host to the 16th annual AquarianFest.  This long running tradition is largely spearheaded here in Omaha by AquarianFest Formenter Ron Green who developed the event out of an acoustic jam.  Several individuals, duos and bands play popular tunes mostly from the 60s to the 80s that you would have heard at concerts, love fests and such, and spinning your 45s or 33s (yeh, you know – vinyl).  Eric Johnson (who keeps the website and promotion materials updated) and his wife Denise come back each year from the Chicago area to reunite the Fishippies for their performance in the lineup which included Tom & Toni Allen, Mike Brock, The Bishops, Terry Little, 37 Years with Kyle Knapp, and Blues Agent.  John Green (The Bishops) provided most of the sound gear and Tesco Productions added a few other items needed while I did my best to mix an enjoyable house show.  So from the days of the hippies to 2013 the quest for love and peace continues.  Can a flower in our hair get us there?

AquarianFest 16 Annual Show
Denise, Eric and Tom at the 16th AquarianFest