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Anabel Recording Originals With Help From Her Friends

Anabel and friends record at Tesco Productions
Four friends, four languages
and Anabel on the right.
Anabel Albuja has been in to Tesco Productions for a few times now recording her original gospel and praise songs. She was joined on her last visit by four friends who definitely brought multiple facets to her recordings. In one song four different languages are represented in the verses and everyone joined in English for the choruses. The vocal nuances from the various cultures and singing styles made for a unique blend. We doubled the five vocals to create a small women’s ensemble sound and it turned out very nice. Two English harmonies were also added to her first tune to emphasize key words and phrases.
Tim Tyler has been called on to provide the musical arrangement and tracks. I know Anabel has loved hearing her songs come to life and the mix of vocals is a great reminder that God has chosen people from every tribe and nation to praise Him.