Monthly Archives: June 2013

It ‘s A Significant Day

Well time keeps adding years and today was no exception as my 56th birthday is nearly over. Part of the day was spent with my good friend Allyn fishing and then he joined two couples from church for dinner at our house (not planned for my birthday but the date fell on the same day so we kind of called it a birthday party). Now normally I wouldn’t be writing about my birthday here but this one is particularly significant in that my dad and his dad never saw their 57th. They both succumbed to the ravages of colon cancer and left this life and their families behind. Having arrived at this age I now can see how “young” they really were and both passings are vivid memories. Of course we should all know we can’t guarantee our next breath no matter what, but yes I’ve had several snoopy snoops and twice potentially pre-cancerous growths have been removed – which had they remained could have easily been cancer by now. (So don’t put it off.) Reading and reflecting on Psalm 95 this morning reminded me that the Lord is our Maker and we must all kneel to His plan – at 56 or any other age. I have a feeling though that I will live each day from now on with a sense of extended time, and hopefully also with increasing gratitude for each one granted.

Keeping Lauritzen Gardens’ Tram Rolling

If you’ve visited Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens during the past several years and taken the grand tram tour you’ve heard narration produced at Tesco Productions. Omaha’s Botanical Center located near I-80 and 13th Street overlooks the Missouri River and is one of the welcoming sights as you cross the bridge into Omaha from Iowa. Perched on the Loess Hills are two of Union Pacific’s largest locomotives that comprise the major attractions to Kenefick Park which is on the Lauritzen Gardens’ grounds. Tesco Productions has been called on to record the “story” of the gardens so visitors can hear the history, progress and future plans as they see the various areas first hand. This year’s tour is somewhat restricted due to storm sewer work the city of Omaha is performing, making some gardens areas inaccessible, but major areas of its 100 acre site are still available including the Visitor and Education Center.
I would say it’s well worth your time and investment to get away and see the garden in its various seasons and enjoy a piece of God’s beautiful creation.