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Anabel & Emily Create A “Magical” Evening

Emily & the cat pause while recording
Emily enjoying a photo op
As I am getting older it seems I tend to forget the “magic” that only a small child can bring to a particular setting – whether family times, group gatherings, the arts or in this case singing a song. As part of an on-going project which has so far been all originals, Anabel Albuja and her daughter Emily created one of those times this week while recording the Gaither song I Am a Promise. Emily inaugurated a new mic (loaned by my friend Allyn) while singing to the accompaniment creatively crafted by Tim Tyler. We were again reminded that our Creator made each of us as a promise of His greatness and individuality. With the help of a stuffed feline friend and the donning of the “magic hat” we all made it rather well through the recording time and even watched the frogs dance – which they always do when the music is really good! It was a special evening for each of us.
A magic moment in the Tesco Productions studio
It was a “magical” evening
Anabel & Emily at Tesco Productions
Anabel & Emily capture the moment