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Joe (the mammal) Boarman Records Voice Over For WGN

So if the header line looks like a slam on Joe, let me assure you it’s not. When Joe’s belting it out on stage (or in this case) in the studio, he’s affectionately known as doing his “mammal part” (and Joe is no stranger to calling it that himself). Joe and I have a mutual friend in Chicago who is one of the windy city’s broadcast directors at WGN. Eric (EJ) sent me a note the other day saying WGN has a video segment they air during their morning show called Hey, Look At This!. Some years back here in Omaha, Joe, Eric and friends were hanging out and the concept of a TV show like this came up and Joe belted out how he would open it. Well it went over big in the conversation at the time and came back to Eric’s mind when the station started running this segment. It needed a big attention-getting opener, and Joe would fit the bill. I’ll admit we got a little carried away and sent Eric and his production crew at WGN 20 takes to choose from (never can have too many, right?!). We’re all hoping one or more get chosen and then hearing Joe do what so many love – “his mammal thing” on WGN. Thanks Eric & Joe. (* Eric informed me on the 25th that Joe made his WGN debut!)

Joe records voice over for WGN
Joe belts it out.

The Essens Make It A Family Affair

Essen family record audition for College World Series
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With the blasts of Artic air hopefully behind us, many turn their thoughts to getting out of hibernation and relishing part of America’s pastime – baseball. And with that tradition comes another – the opening with our national anthem. The Essen family came in this past week to record their audition in hopes of being chosen for a personal listen, and a chance at singing for a College World Series game. This year dad and son were joined by a daughter (& sister) to round out their sound as a trio. A few years back father and son submitted a duet recorded at Tesco Productions, and it was a nice addition to have all three. As always, it’s some work but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as mom cheered and critiqued. Wishing you the best to be chosen!