Yearly Archives: 2015

Alexa Clark and Band Record Originals

Alexa Clark and Alycea waiting to record.
Alexa and Alycea ready to record.

This month found a very talented Alexa Clark and her accompanying band at Tesco Productions recording a number of original songs written by Alexa.  Traveling in from central Nebraska by family referral, the renditions of various styles complete with tight vocal harmonies from sister-in-law Alycea and husband Craig were a delight to record.  Alexa accompanied all the songs with acoustic guitar which currently provide the songs with a definite “acoustic” feel, but when completed some will be given an electric edge as well – particularly the song in which Zach did double-duty adding electric rhythm and lead.  Zach’s main role was laying in some very nice bass lines, and Alexa’s brother Brady kept everyone going with well-fitting drum parts.  To round out all the participants and talents, her mother-in-law Carla accompanied a wedding song on keys and a tambourine was found in the hands of Alycea.  From love ballads to heart-felt thanks for God’s love and grace, this is a pleasant listen and we’re all looking forward to the finished product.

Grace Back in the Studio for Two Firsts.

Grace has been into Tesco Productions now and then for a number of years. This month she was back for a very unique recording opportunity and a studio first. Grace needed a demo of her two harps and vocals to create a video showcasing her skills at both. So with backdrops and lighting generously supplied by D & B Photography we set up a video recording environment and captured her performances on video with studio audio. It was a fun evening creating the various light and ambience settings and also best capturing her harps and vocals as well. The end product is about 3/4 completed and is turning out quite nicely. So the firsts? Recording harp(s) and setting up a studio video session. Job well done by all.Grace ready to record smaller harp.

Justin Michael Recording New Song

Justin Michael sings new song Temporary.
Justin singing from his heart.
Justin Michael and “crew” were back into Tesco Productions laying down his latest song Temporary. As per tradition he was accompanied by the Yates – Lyle and son Vinnie. With Justin on vocal and acoustic guitar, Lyle laid down bass while Vinnie played a nice pared-down drum kit. Inspired by a life event, the lyrics remind us that everything we experience here on this earth is temporary, and only God, His Word and people are destined beyond this life. Thank you for the reminder and we’re looking forward to hearing this recording come together.
Lyle and Vinnie Yates rehearse Justin Michael's latest song - Temporary.
Lyle & Vinnie rehearse.