Monthly Archives: February 2015

Anabel Albuja Revisits Her Songs With Spanish Lyrics

Anabel was in the studio this past weekend to add Spanish vocals to three of her previously released songs on Reborn. This CD was released about eleven months ago and throughout the songs several languages were represented including Spanish. Anabel desires to focus additional outreach to the Hispanic community with the eventual release of these full Spanish versions. The original CD also contains soundtracks of her songs that can be used by others for live performances. You can find more information about Anabel and her music ministry at her website.Anabel Albuja recording Spanish lyrics at Tesco Productions

How Will They Ever Fit?!

Cable runs at Tesco ProductionsBack when the Tesco Productions studios were built I thought I gave a look to the future and ran a couple of conduits for cable runs between the studio and amp racks. Humm, it seems that wasn’t quite enough. Now 29 years later there’s been a “few” changes and additions to the layout. With the recent studio upgrades and rearranging gear I believe this particular cable run is for sure maxed out. I counted about 50 wires in there and the cover is needing a revamp to fit back on. Oh well, the price of expansion. Guess that means we’re staying geared up to keep serving you better.