Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Kopsa Family Nears Completion of Second Recording

The Kopsas found themselves back at Tesco Productions in May to record a second time.  Their first CD was recorded over a year and a half ago and was well received.  The emphasis of this latest recording was to capture their family sound prior to some of the older kids moving on to college, summer jobs and all of them just growing up.  Three “new” sounds were heard as the younger ones joined voices and instrument with their older siblings adding wonderful character and sound to their family annals.  We’ve had a listen through session and three mix times now and we’re nearly completed.  It’s turned into a larger project than originally expected as the parents and grandparents got pretty excited about what they were hearing.  This CD is intended more for special “give aways” as they share their faith, music and life with other folks they meet in life’s paths.  It’s been fun to have the Kopsas and their music in the studio once again.