Monthly Archives: November 2015

Alexa Clark and Band Record Originals

Alexa Clark and Alycea waiting to record.
Alexa and Alycea ready to record.

This month found a very talented Alexa Clark and her accompanying band at Tesco Productions recording a number of original songs written by Alexa.  Traveling in from central Nebraska by family referral, the renditions of various styles complete with tight vocal harmonies from sister-in-law Alycea and husband Craig were a delight to record.  Alexa accompanied all the songs with acoustic guitar which currently provide the songs with a definite “acoustic” feel, but when completed some will be given an electric edge as well – particularly the song in which Zach did double-duty adding electric rhythm and lead.  Zach’s main role was laying in some very nice bass lines, and Alexa’s brother Brady kept everyone going with well-fitting drum parts.  To round out all the participants and talents, her mother-in-law Carla accompanied a wedding song on keys and a tambourine was found in the hands of Alycea.  From love ballads to heart-felt thanks for God’s love and grace, this is a pleasant listen and we’re all looking forward to the finished product.

Grace Back in the Studio for Two Firsts.

Grace has been into Tesco Productions now and then for a number of years. This month she was back for a very unique recording opportunity and a studio first. Grace needed a demo of her two harps and vocals to create a video showcasing her skills at both. So with backdrops and lighting generously supplied by D & B Photography we set up a video recording environment and captured her performances on video with studio audio. It was a fun evening creating the various light and ambience settings and also best capturing her harps and vocals as well. The end product is about 3/4 completed and is turning out quite nicely. So the firsts? Recording harp(s) and setting up a studio video session. Job well done by all.Grace ready to record smaller harp.