Monthly Archives: January 2016

Tesco Productions Owner Makes Additional Mile Stone

At the beginning of this month I reported that Tesco Productions recording studio completed 30 years of continuous operation.  Well, a couple of weeks later I was surprised when inquiring about the bi-monthly SCORE Luncheon that I had served that organization for 10 years.  A brief awards commemoration was conducted by Chairman David Gregg following lunch for other members as well who had passed various milestones with SCORE.

SCORE is the non-profit volunteer branch of the U.S. Small Business Assocation – specializing in mentoring, education and service to the small business community.  When Tesco Productions was in its early stages I remember contacting SCORE for advice.  I shared with the SCORE members I only wish I would have stayed in touch throughout the years and continued to glean from the decades of wisdom and business insights available from the many volunteers.  The Tesco Productions path would have no doubt been smoother and charted more wisely, with a different picture today possibly as well.  I highly recommend utilizing the many offerings of SCORE.  Most of the services are free, but highly valuable.  Thanks for the opportunity of working with you these past 10 years.Tom Sharman 10 year SCORE Award

Tesco Productions Concludes 30 Years

Tesco Productions has just completed 30 years of continuous operation.  There was a time I thought just being 30 years old was way down the road somewhere, but not so much anymore.

As the new year begins we often reflect on where we’ve been for the past year(s), and what we would like to look back on 365 days from now and so on.  Well one thing is for sure, I have many, many people who have been woven in and out of my life these past 30 years.  My wife is still here (and says she still likes putting up with me), and our daughter now on her own, married and nearing completion of her grad program.  There’s the people that have forged relationships as work associates – both internal and in the community.  My “hall and wall of fame” are running out of client signature room and represent only a fraction of those who have come here – many now true lifelong friends.

Thank you all, and I hope and pray there’s another decade waiting for reflection.