Monthly Archives: May 2016

Austin Truax (Silvertip) Releases Long-Awaited CD

Austin Truax (also known as Silvertip) has completed work on his originals release Where I’m Goin’. The recording for this CD began at Tesco Productions in the fall of 2010, and a lot of water has gone under the bridge so to speak since then. The songs were all written by Austin with the exception of “Silvertip Spurs” which was co-written by R.C. Davis. The “old country” style songs reflect family, time and eternity – each having a unique story. One of the members of the collective band has since passed on – bassist Wayne Longtin, Sr., and the disc is made in loving memory of him and another family member. Since Austin’s life had moved him to other regions of the country the project was completed at another studio. Good work hanging in there for a long period of time to give us all these pieces of your life.