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Tesco Productions Assists 20th Annual CIOH Christmas Program

Paul Falkowski plays sax at CIOH 2016 program.
Paul Falkowski opens the program.
Community 360 once again brought Christmas to the hearts and ears of older folks who sometimes don’t find much Christmas otherwise. A gathering of volunteer musicians and singers presented a variety of Christmas music that brought smiles to the faces of people now living in elder care facilities as far away as Avoca, IA. These folks were transported to the Salvation Army KROC Center in SE Omaha for the annual “Christmas In Our Hearts” program. There were one or two presenters who have participated since its inception, a number like me who have been there a lot of years, and a few additional newcomers this year as well. Tesco Productions did the audio support for the event. Professional lighting was also provided and it even managed to “snow” inside once again. Community 360 makes it their mission to connect trained volunteers with people living in retirement communities and provide support for the facility’s staff as well. Paul Falkowski and his wife founded this organization over 20 years ago (known originally as Desert Ministries) as God tugged their hearts to show His love to those often forgotten or at least not regularly (sometimes never) visited. With some of us having aging parents and also knowing we’ve more than halfway crossed the center point of our lives, it’s good to know that besides family there’s persons who will hopefully still come by to pay us the respect and honor of a visit now and then, and bring some additional cheer to our lives as well. I guess that’s what the first Christmas was ultimately all about – God displaying His love to the least of us through the birth of His Son who was destined for the cross.
Tom Sharman behind gingerbread man at CIOH event.
A little “gingerbread” fun.