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World War II Story Still Carries Its Pain

Tesco Productions was asked about 10 years ago to edit and make limited copies of a World War II veteran’s story. This May his family desired more copies as the family has grown, and in the intervening time the storyteller has passed on. And so I listened again to Frank share his heart and memories as he recounted being on one of the ships when it was bombed in Pearl Harbor. At the time he was sharing his closely held thoughts it would have been more than 50 years after the events, but you can still hear the sorrow and pain of how he escaped death – while witnessing his friend who was no more than 10 feet from him not live past the initial blast.
I was making the audio sound even better than the first time I worked with it – as I now have additional tools for cleaning up noisy backgrounds and enhancing the listening experience. I’m sure too I’ve learned more skills in that same time frame. It was a privilege to hand them updated discs that will allow Frank’s generations to remember his heart and service through upcoming years.
Thank you to all who have served and are currently serving us, and we remember all who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy this blessed country. May we live to honor your legacy.