Monthly Archives: November 2017

The Blessing of Family

At initial read, this title may not seem to have anything to do with a recording studio – but there really is a connection.
Yesterday I was honored to witness an event I’d never seen before first hand. It was an adoption, well two adoptions actually. Yesterday as a part of National Adoption Day, a client and friend of mine and his wife were awarded two children to be their own – part of their family in every sense. It was quite a celebration with children’s activities and displays by various child and family services, and then culminating in proceedings before a judge which made the transition official. The kids exited the courtroom with new identities and belonging, and the parents with additional family members.
One of the joys as a business person over the years is becoming involved in the lives of my clients. There’s been lots of beginnings, endings, and journeys along the way. Although having destination is essential, my friend reminded me yesterday that while en route to those destinations we should always focus on the journey. My congratulations to this family for their joy and eagerness to take on this new part of their journey with its responsibilities and privileges, and the opportunities they are affording these young lives. I am reminded of another adoption made available to each of us from the Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus, whose birth we will soon celebrate. But let’s first take special time this week to be thankful for the many blessings we each have – foremost of which is relationships and family, while being mindful of those around us (near and far) that may not have or feel those same blessings.