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Two of the Tesco Productions’ Past Team Meet Up On Road Trip

Jon Guggenheim and Tom Sharman back in Omaha
Jon and Tom back in Omaha

On Father’s Day I found myself on an airline headed to Utah to meet up with longtime friend and fellow audio engineer, Jon.  We were embarking on the conclusion of a journey Jon had been on for nearly a month by that point.  The purpose?  Well Jon and I were going to enjoy a week of travel in some of God’s most beautiful pallets and spend a week as friends and past co-workers listening to a lot of tunes (many of which Jon has recorded in Cleveland) and catching up.  Jon’s primary focus was the conclusion of several interviews he had been conducting concerning moves by the current administration and other state officials to change the designation of and divest certain public lands to private or alternate use.  This is of great concern to him and many others who don’t want to see this heritage destroyed or altered.  You can get an overview of the project here: and additional details here:¬if_id=1490635405248312.  The funds were raised and so the work was in process.  I provided some secondary video recording, held the reflective light panel as needed, and hosted a collie on my lap while his younger brother nipped and played around me as I finally started to soak in what the open country was offering my heart.

View while camping at Hells Canyon, Idaho
Hells Canyon, Idaho
The Grand Tetons Mountains Lake Relfection
Grand Tetons

And so it was that we headed north out of Utah into Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota.  Along the way we saw very brief glimpses of Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Tetons and Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park.  Five of the six nights were tent camping and so we were quite close to our environment and definitely feeling it – like frost on our tents in Yellowstone.  But it was a very refreshing time and I’m still trying to soak in what we saw and experienced.  These parks and monuments (and many others like them) in this great country are a microcosm of the vast riches we are blessed with, but until you actually get out there and surround yourself with them you either don’t know (as in my case) or quickly forget.  I highly recommend stepping out of the routine and away from the urgency of life now and then to find and remember what else is out there; and having personally rolled another decade this month, life’s too short to miss it. Thanks Jon!

Waterfall in Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park
Mount Rushmore at dusk

Mister Malachi Brings Fresh Take To Music Genre

Mister Malachi lays acoustic guitar on Hip Hop, R&B tune
Mister Malachi
Mister Malachi opened the horizons of Hip Hop and R&B by laying down an acoustic guitar track over his beats this week at Tesco Productions. We’ve recorded many acoustic guitar lines, but never to this style of music. It made for an intriguing blend and matched his song “Old Time Sakes” very well. After extending the beat track a bit Mister Malachi recorded both vocal and guitar. With the addition of a second vocal pass we found a nice blend of the two in the chorus sections and mixed the acoustic and beats together as needed. There will be additional molding of the tune done by Mister Malachi’s associate, but the initial work is done. Hope it does well for you.

World War II Story Still Carries Its Pain

Tesco Productions was asked about 10 years ago to edit and make limited copies of a World War II veteran’s story. This May his family desired more copies as the family has grown, and in the intervening time the storyteller has passed on. And so I listened again to Frank share his heart and memories as he recounted being on one of the ships when it was bombed in Pearl Harbor. At the time he was sharing his closely held thoughts it would have been more than 50 years after the events, but you can still hear the sorrow and pain of how he escaped death – while witnessing his friend who was no more than 10 feet from him not live past the initial blast.
I was making the audio sound even better than the first time I worked with it – as I now have additional tools for cleaning up noisy backgrounds and enhancing the listening experience. I’m sure too I’ve learned more skills in that same time frame. It was a privilege to hand them updated discs that will allow Frank’s generations to remember his heart and service through upcoming years.
Thank you to all who have served and are currently serving us, and we remember all who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy this blessed country. May we live to honor your legacy.