Equipment RacksTesco Productions Audio Rack 2
Super Reverb<a
Tesco Productions microphones
Mix Station

Studio Gear

A Pair of Good Experienced Ears
(without which none of the rest of this stuff really matters)

Primary TDM Pro Tools System (Mac)

Additional LE Pro Tools Setup (Mac)

Pro Tools LE Setup (PC) with extensive plug-in library

Additional PC-based Audio Restoration and Processing Software

Yamaha and JBL Monitors with Custom Subs

Tascam 20X8 console (updated and modified)

Variety of microphones from dynamics to small and large diaphragm condensers, ribbons and PZM.  Brands are Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, Audio-Technica, Rhode, Cascade, Blue, EV, Global Audio (CAD), Voice of Music, and Crown.

Tube and Hybrid Mic Preamps by Summit Audio, HHB, TL Audio, GrooveTubes, and PreSonus

Solid-State (mostly Class A) preamps by Audient, JOEMEEK and PreSonus

Compressors by Summit Audio (tube), Urei, TL Audio (tube), BSS, FMR, HHB, JOEMEEK, Presonus and Alesis

BBE Sonic Maximizer

EXR Aural Exciter

Outboard Effects by Lexicon and Yamaha

Furman HR-6 Headphone Remote Mixing Stations

Rolls PM351 Personal Monitor Stations

Alesis HD24XR 24-Track Portable Hard Disk Recorder

Tascam DA-38 8-Track Digital Tape Recorder

Tascam DA-60 DAT with Time Code

Otari¬† MX-5050 1/4″ Reel with dbx NR (for reel transfers)

Marantz PMD500 Dual Cassette (yes, we still have one)

Musical Gear

Fender Super Reverb Tube Amp (CBS Vintage)

Baldwin Upright Acoustic Piano

Access to Yamaha CP33 Digital Stage Piano

Emax SE Digital Synthesis Keyboard

Yamaha FB-01 Midi Sound Generator

Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine (click track)