Tesco Productions Owner Providing Recording Seminar

Every year the National Traditional Country Music Association hosts a music festival which is currently held in Le Mars, IA. Bob and Sheila Everhart head up both the NTCMA and this Old-Time Music Festival the full week prior to Labor Day. This year I have the opportunity to present an hour long presentation entitled “So You Want To Record”. Topics covered will be in two primary categories – preparing as a musician, and what to look for in a recording studio. Having recorded for over 30 years now I’ve seen a wide range of readiness for a recording session or project, and also observed and heard about the outcome from various recording situations. A story I never like to hear is a “negative” experience a musician or other client has at any recording facility – as it taints the industry overall. Certainly a major part of having an enjoyable and beneficial time recording is to be well prepared beforehand. A recording setting is quite different from a live presentation and can catch some clients off guard. Knowing in advance how to prepare and what to expect is quite helpful. So hopefully we can address a number of these topics during this time. Down the road I may incorporate this information into this site as a resource for new clients and a refresher for returning ones. It’s important to have a good match between the engineer/facility and the artist/speaker.
So this presentation is set for Saturday, September 2 at 3pm, so if you’re able to attend that’d be great – or come up, enjoy and participate in the week long event that starts August 28 at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds in Le Mars. More info on the festival and the NTCMA is available here.

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