Tesco Productions first studio layout
Ready to open the door
Early days mix at Tesco Productions
Early years’ mixdown


Tesco Productions officially opened its doors in 1986. A friend suggested using my initials TES + CO (company) as the name and it stuck.  Originally the business was a mix of recording studio work and sound system installations. This continued until a number of years ago when the focus was placed exclusively on the non-install side of our business. The studio went to computer-based digital recording as our main format in 1994 and we were one of the earliest studios in Omaha to make that move. Since then we have expanded our studio with two Mac Pro Tools setups, as well as a third PC-based Pro Tools and a good quantity of other audio processing software.

About Us

We have developed and maintain two primary client segments – music recording, and productions for corporate clients. On the music side we have recorded a huge array of music styles from opera to heavy metal. Our more recent focus has become largely acoustic-based genres and Hispanic music, as well as a variety of contemporary styles. We primarily do studio recordings, but have recorded live presentations on a number of occasions. On the corporate side, we provide extensive spoken text editing and have produced audio for multi-media, radio, interactive-telephone and the web, and provide engineering for live presentations. A third segment of our business is focused on non-profit organizations where we provide services for radio, PSAs, multi-media and live sound. Over the years we have recorded hundreds of sound effects – a number of which have made it into client projects. This archive has not been marketed yet but is available.


The studio is booked and billed on our hourly basis (to the nearest quarter hour) with a nominal minimum, but you won’t find me staring at the clock the moment you arrive – making sure every minute is accounted for. The rate is based on the type of project we are doing – whether music, corporate or non-profit. A bulk rate is available for music projects requiring ten hours or more time. Setup time is normally charged at half rate, because whether it’s your business or organization communications, music or family memories, it is much more effectively and enjoyably done in a relaxed environment without a big rush to get started.


    • Music Production (Recording, Mixing, Initial Mastering) – with a particular focus on Acoustic, Country, Hispanic and Gospel music
    • Corporate Communications
    • Extensive Spoken Text Editing
    • Audio for Multi-Media
    • Music and Voice Demos – for scholarship and promotion
    • Live Corporate Audio Engineering
    • Live Event Recording
    • Podcast Production
    • Radio Commercials/PSAs
    • Radio Program Production
    • Interactive Telephone and Telephone Prompt Audio
    • Recording of Phone Interviews and Phone Conferences
    • On-Hold Messages – utilizing our library of licensed music
    • Archive Transfers – with extensive cleanup and restoration available
    • Family Audio Scrapbook and Commemorations