Audio Clips

Audio Clips

Here’s the showcase honoring our clients.  It’s a very small representation of the projects we’ve been a part of over the years.  Most often when multiple songs were recorded we’ve created a collage to provide you with a sampler. Some of the files may take a bit longer to download than you’re accustomed to because we’ve chosen a higher quality file to best represent their music. We think you’ll agree it is worth the small wait. Due to copyright restrictions all the music represented here is either in public domain or originals. Thanks for respecting the ownership of the material found here. Enjoy!

Bluegrass/Old-Time Music

Maria Petersen – Zither

Maria Petersen – Zither Extravaganza

River Town String Band

Kenaston Family Band


David Michael Cross


Justin Michael – No Greater Love

Justin Michael – Eyes On You

Joe Laughlin – Are You Ready?

Carlene Crom
A View from the Porch Swing-Gospel

This Side of Sunday – Crazy World

Cowboy Church Band


Dan Holtz – Sail Away

Carlene Crom – A View from the Porch Swing-Americana


Fermin Olague


Angela (Sharman) Unruh – Mercy


Melvin Cullum – Two Gun Pete

Sound Effects

We have digitally recorded hundreds and hundreds of sound effects over the past 20+ years.  Some of these effects were obtained because we couldn’t find what our clients were looking for, or when we did they were poorly done in some cases.  Other times we just had a lot of fun recording them. We also sometimes wanted a more “active” approach to our effects, so we have effects where you travel “with” the effect rather than it just “passing by” as is often the case.  So for example you can ride in urban traffic, take a complete flight in a small Cessna plane or ride on a small boat.  Being in midwest country we have significant thunderstorms come our way, and I’ve sat out in them (in safety) to get those amazing cracks and crashes.  Also this puts us in the heart of farming and agriculture,  so we know what a tractor should sound like – both old and new.  Additionally Omaha hosts a major Air Force airshow each year and we’ve been able to capture parts of that as well.

So what all do we have?  It’s a pretty long list from domestic, lab, outdoors (lakes, streams, ponds and their inhabitants, wind in the grass, critters, sloshing in the muck), transportation (motorcycles, trucks, cars, trains, planes large and small), mechanical sounds (scraunch, whine, squeal, hum and bump), old-time engines, steam-driven saw, urban and rural sounds in West Africa, group ambience, and individual sounds (such as snoring-like nobody’s going to sleep snoring), and well I’ll just put one big ETC. here.

As mentioned on the “About Us” page we haven’t officially marketed these effects yet, but if you’re looking for a particular sound, drop us an inquiry and we’ll let you know if we have a match. (We might just be looking for an excuse to go out and record it for you if we don’t have it).  Also, if you have a favorite place you like to find your effects, let us know and we’ll see about getting ours on there.  Our pricing will be competitive with other sound effects libraries, and although there will be some price difference, we’re not going to gouge you for longer effects because we know you’re probably only going to use small pieces of it anyway, and if you use the whole thing that’s great too!

A small sampling can be auditioned here, and again thank you for respecting the ownership (us) of these sounds.

Efx away!

One BIG Boat Engine

Smaller Boat Ride-Bow

Smaller Boat Ride-Stern

Pond at Night

It’s Mucky

Old-Time Engines & Tractors

West Africa Traffic

What a Racket

Tools of the Trades