Bienvenido a la página web de Tesco Productions

Para Nuestros Visitantes Hispanos

Bienvenido a la página web de Tesco Productions – y gracias por visitarnos. Esperamos que usted nos visite de forma regular para que pueda mantenerse al día con las noticias de los clientes y los avances que tenemos aquí (y par aver alguna posible fotografía “capturada al último momento” – más detalles en “Conosca al Ingeniero”).

Tesco Productions es la segunda planta de producción y de grabación de audio contínuo más antigua de Omaha. Sin embargo, a menudo a través de los años se refieren a nosotros como “uno de los secretos mejor guardados” de Omaha, por lo que pensamos que tal vez le gustaría aprovechar esta visita para hacer un gran tour. En el camino conocerá a personas muy especiales – nuestros clientes, quienes a menudo se convierten en amigos, y escuchará escuchará y verá algunas de sus experiencias aquí en Tesco Productions. Esperamos que pueda encontrar el corazón, la motivación, la habilidad y la experiencia que tratamos de brindarle a cada uno de sus proyectos. Así que entre a nuestra página y comencemos.

Una especial bienvenida a nuestros huéspedes hispanos y gracias por visitar nuestro sitio en internet. A pesar de que no hablo mucho español más allá de algunos saludos que conosco, he aprendido lo suficiente para hacer que las sesiones en el estudio transcurran de manera sencilla, y disfruto el estar con la gente hispana y el trabajar con el idioma español. Aquí usted se puede sentir como en casa y su música o cualquier otro proyecto en español será valorado. Yo disfruto del amor que usted tiene por su música así como su enorme compromiso con su familia y sus relaciones de amistad. He conocido algunos otros “miembros especiales de la familia” durante los años, quienes también han venido a visitar el estudio. Para cada uno de nosotros la música que disfrutamos y que tocamos presenta una gran variedad, pero aún así la música tiene un lenguaje universal. Una nota cantanda por cualquiera tendrá elementos de expresión como el tono y la duración, y los diferentes instrumentos que se acoplan juntos para crear toda una pieza musical. Por haber tenido que trabajar con muchos estilos de música durante los más de veinte últimos años tanto en grabaciones como con sonido en vivo, he estado preparado para desarrollar un fuerte conocimiento de la producción musical. Nosotros hemos trabajado con estilos hispanos como Cumbia, Ranchera, Corrido, Bolero, Mariachi y otros. Algunos clientes han producido múltiples proyectos aquí durante años, y ahora usted es más que bienvenido para pedir su tiempo por teléfono o vía e-mail, para así poder reunirnos y escuchar algunos ejemplos. Bajo la sección de Galería en nuestro sitio usted puede escuchar un pequeño ejemplo de las grabaciones hispanas que hemos realizado a través de los años.

Por favor, disfrute nuestro sitio.

Tesco Productions Finishes Week at the CentryLink Center

For ten years running Tesco Productions has been called on to provide the audio engineering in the Omaha CenturyLink Ballroom for the annual Home Instead Senior Care International Convention. Sonburst Communication handles all the management of the huge week long event which encompasses the CenturyLink Center and other available meeting spaces throughout the convention center and nearby hotel. Several hundred people came in from around the U.S. and other countries to learn and celebrate accomplishments at Home Instead Senior Care. After a couple of days rehearsal the event then spans three evenings and two days that directly involve the services of Tesco Productions and an assembly of many other technical personnel and support staff.
Home Instead Senior Care has built their business on the mission of allowing seniors to live at home in their latter years instead of needing to move into a facility for their care and support. It’s a vital service as a large portion of our population ages, and I hope if I’m granted a number of life years yet, to utilize a company such as this should the need arise. Thanks again for the opportunity to be involved in supporting your efforts and this event.

Annual Music Celebration Now 20 Years Strong

The second weekend in March found me joining a group of folks gathered for the annual Acquarianfest. This event brings together a variety of musicians from single acoustic/singer acts to groups of several singers and players on stage. For five hours + many tunes from the old rock and folk eras are heard by an appreciative crowd – many of which have been coming for multiple years and some from the beginning of this musical decade. Ron Green still heads up this event, and along with the help of family and friends has been pulling musicians from as far as Chicago to gather together to celebrate friendship and the music of tie-dye and bell bottoms. A few folks that used to come or participate are no longer traversing this earth and we miss their company. I met up with a digital console at the venue that was new to me, but with the help of the house sound guy we got things set up and the rest of the evening went pretty smoothly and seemed to send everyone home having had a good time listening and meeting old (and possibly some new) friends. Thanks Ron, and I hope and pray there are many years yet to come.

Stangl Family Music CD Receives Fine Review

Stangl Family CD Cover
CD Cover
Last year I received a call from the Stangl family inquiring about making a Gospel recording. Well that CD has been out for a while now and I recently had the opportunity to have Bob Everhart of the National Traditional County Music Association review it. Here’s what he had to say.

“I’ve been reviewing CD’s for a long time now, and I never cease to be amazed at the dedication and absolute strong desire of young family groups in taking the music of the Lord Jesus to another level. In the case of the Stangl Family from Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, this is a pre-ordained desire. The entire family, mom, dad, and ten kids make up an amazing group of musicians dedicated to bringing the word of Christ to a new audience. They really do it well, from several stand points. They are all really good musicians, and they have the sense to keep their music beautifully simple and easy to understand. They demonstrate their musicianship very masterfully on “Wayfaring Stranger.” I was impressed, and I’ve heard this song done by many professionals, but this version is totally instrumental [and] really stands out. One of the major differences this dedicated family is able to do, and do it well, is frequent tempo and rhythm changes. Not expected, but once into the song it’s a beautiful version of a great song. All of their major instruments take a lead in the song, the fiddles are exceptional as is the slide guitar. The slide guitar also takes some very interesting leads in “Come And See” and “Tell Me The Story of Jesus.” This family is also a very practiced harmony singing group. Everybody pitches in. Everybody enjoys what they are doing. I liked the mandolin on “Wayfaring Stranger” but I also liked it in “Did You Ever Talk to God Above.” This song also has a very likable child’s voice with delightful harmony from the rest of the family. “I’m Blessed” probably [best] demonstrates the harmony singing ability of this family, it’s acapella. Super nice. We hear fiddle throughout this album, all of it done well, I especially liked it on “I Just Want To Praise Jesus.” That’s exactly what this beautiful family does. They praise Jesus in all they do. I’ve heard several good family group recordings, but this one is a strong indication where this family is headed with their music, and I foresee a wonderful ‘praising’ in their music for our Lord Jesus Christ. This album is a wonderful response to the music we need to hear more frequently. It shall be forwarded to the Rural Roots Music Commission, with my admonition ‘please listen carefully, this is fragile and wonderful music.’ My good friend Tom Sharman is the mover and shaker at Tesco Studios in Omaha, where this delightful album was recorded. Tom did a super nice job in the studio. It is mixed just right for me. That [wouldn’t] necessarily [be] the rule of thumb for everyone, but it sure works for me. I love the way the instruments glide in and out. Just right, Just right.”

Job well done and commendation for using your God-given talents to honor Him, bring His message to others, and in the process enjoy each other. This family, by the way, dropped by during the Christmas time and serenaded my wife and I with Christmas songs at our front door. It was a very encouraging blessing. Thank you.