There’s “Moore Cinderella” Across the Generations

Music runs in the familyThis week there was more music recording with the Moore family – three generations of it in fact. What may look like a typo in the header isn’t actually as I once again heard from this music and drama family to make the first recordings for an upcoming production of Cinderella. Kim and her family have been to Tesco Productions several times over the years and I’ve kind of been able to watch her family grow up, and now there was a third generation in the studio. These particular recordings were the launch of the musical portion of the classic tale of Cinderella, with planned presentations at The Salvation Army KROC Center in the Bellevue area next spring. Of course there’s lots of planning and rehearsal for such a large event which will encompass far more participants than just their family, and Kim’s describing it as “rock climbing”. You start up the face, hang on to each foot and hand hold, don’t look back and keep heading to the summit – knowing your Heavenly Guide is holding the safety rope.Kim-1st generation keyboardist
Kim brought her talents to the ivories, her daughter Olivia sang one of Cinderella’s songs as a teenager, and her daughter very magnificently rang out a vocal rendition of her own – reflecting a very young Cinderella. There’s a lot more music to come and we’ll keep you posted with pics and news over the next several weeks. Keep a date open for next March to catch one of the performances in what promises to be a delightful presentation of this timeless tale that has more to say than just what may be on the surface.Olivia-2nd generation vocalist3rd generation vocalist

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