Welcome to Tesco Productions

Welcome to the Tesco Productions recording studio website – and thanks for dropping by. We hope you will stop in regularly so you can stay up to date with news of clients and advances here (and a possible “latest catch” picture – more details in “Meet the Engineer“).

Tesco Productions is the second oldest continuous running sound recording service and production studio in Omaha. However, we’ve often been referred to over the years as one of Omaha’s “best kept secrets” – and so here’s the grand tour. Along the way you’ll meet some very special people – our clients, who often become friends, and hear and see some of their experiences with Tesco Productions. Hopefully you will find as well the heart, motivation, skill and experience we try to bring to each project and event. So welcome back, or come on in if it’s your first visit.

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Mister Malachi Brings Fresh Take To Music Genre

Mister Malachi lays acoustic guitar on Hip Hop, R&B tune
Mister Malachi
Mister Malachi opened the horizons of Hip Hop and R&B by laying down an acoustic guitar track over his beats this week at Tesco Productions. We’ve recorded many acoustic guitar lines, but never to this style of music. It made for an intriguing blend and matched his song “Old Time Sakes” very well. After extending the beat track a bit Mister Malachi recorded both vocal and guitar. With the addition of a second vocal pass we found a nice blend of the two in the chorus sections and mixed the acoustic and beats together as needed. There will be additional molding of the tune done by Mister Malachi’s associate, but the initial work is done. Hope it does well for you.

World War II Story Still Carries Its Pain

Tesco Productions was asked about 10 years ago to edit and make limited copies of a World War II veteran’s story. This May his family desired more copies as the family has grown, and in the intervening time the storyteller has passed on. And so I listened again to Frank share his heart and memories as he recounted being on one of the ships when it was bombed in Pearl Harbor. At the time he was sharing his closely held thoughts it would have been more than 50 years after the events, but you can still hear the sorrow and pain of how he escaped death – while witnessing his friend who was no more than 10 feet from him not live past the initial blast.
I was making the audio sound even better than the first time I worked with it – as I now have additional tools for cleaning up noisy backgrounds and enhancing the listening experience. I’m sure too I’ve learned more skills in that same time frame. It was a privilege to hand them updated discs that will allow Frank’s generations to remember his heart and service through upcoming years.
Thank you to all who have served and are currently serving us, and we remember all who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy this blessed country. May we live to honor your legacy.

Tesco Productions Finishes Week at the CentryLink Center

Home Instead Senior Care convention stage viewed from Tom Sharman's audio console mixing position.
HISC stage-audio console perspective
For ten years running Tesco Productions has been called on to provide the audio engineering in the Omaha CenturyLink Ballroom for the annual Home Instead Senior Care International Convention. Sonburst Communication handles all the management of the huge week long event which encompasses the CenturyLink Center and other available meeting spaces throughout the convention center and nearby hotel. Several hundred people came in from around the U.S. and other countries to learn and celebrate accomplishments at Home Instead Senior Care. After a couple of days rehearsal the event then spans three evenings and two days that directly involve the services of Tesco Productions and an assembly of many other technical personnel and support staff.
Tom Sharman at Yamah CL-5 Digital Audio Console for Home Instead Senior Care 2017 convention rehearsal.
HISC rehearsal 2017
Home Instead Senior Care has built their business on the mission of allowing seniors to live at home in their latter years instead of needing to move into a facility for their care and support. It’s a vital service as a large portion of our population ages, and I hope if I’m granted a number of life years yet, to utilize a company such as this should the need arise. Thanks again for the opportunity to be involved in supporting your efforts and this event.