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Welcome to the Tesco Productions website - and thanks for dropping by. We hope you will stop in regularly so you can stay up to date with news of clients and advances here (and a possible "latest catch" picture - more details in "Meet the Engineer").

Tesco Productions is the second oldest continuous running audio recording and production facility in Omaha. However, we've often been referred to over the years as one of Omaha's "best kept secrets", and so we thought maybe you would like to take the grand tour. Along the way you'll meet some very special people - our clients, who often become friends, and hear and see some of their experiences here at Tesco Productions. Hopefully you will find as well the heart, motivation, skill and experience we try to bring to each of your projects and events. So come on in and let's begin.

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Para Nuestros Visitantes Hispanos

Bienvenido a la página web de Tesco Productions - y gracias por visitarnos. Esperamos que usted nos visite de forma regular para que pueda mantenerse al día con las noticias de los clientes y los avances que tenemos aquí (y par aver alguna posible fotografía “capturada al último momento" - más detalles en "Conosca al Ingeniero").

Tesco Productions es la segunda planta de producción y de grabación de audio contínuo más antigua de Omaha. Sin embargo, a menudo a través de los años se refieren a nosotros como “uno de los secretos mejor guardados" de Omaha, por lo que pensamos que tal vez le gustaría aprovechar esta visita para hacer un gran tour. En el camino conocerá a personas muy especiales - nuestros clientes, quienes a menudo se convierten en amigos, y escuchará escuchará y verá algunas de sus experiencias aquí en Tesco Productions. Esperamos que pueda encontrar el corazón, la motivación, la habilidad y la experiencia que tratamos de brindarle a cada uno de sus proyectos. Así que entre a nuestra página y comencemos.

Una especial bienvenida a nuestros huéspedes hispanos y gracias por visitar nuestro sitio en internet. A pesar de que no hablo mucho español más allá de algunos saludos que conosco, he aprendido lo suficiente para hacer que las sesiones en el estudio transcurran de manera sencilla, y disfruto el estar con la gente hispana y el trabajar con el idioma español. Aquí usted se puede sentir como en casa y su música o cualquier otro proyecto en español será valorado. Yo disfruto del amor que usted tiene por su música así como su enorme compromiso con su familia y sus relaciones de amistad. He conocido algunos otros “miembros especiales de la familia” durante los años, quienes también han venido a visitar el estudio. Para cada uno de nosotros la música que disfrutamos y que tocamos presenta una gran variedad, pero aún así la música tiene un lenguaje universal. Una nota cantanda por cualquiera tendrá elementos de expresión como el tono y la duración, y los diferentes instrumentos que se acoplan juntos para crear toda una pieza musical. Por haber tenido que trabajar con muchos estilos de música durante los más de veinte últimos años tanto en grabaciones como con sonido en vivo, he estado preparado para desarrollar un fuerte conocimiento de la producción musical. Nosotros hemos trabajado con estilos hispanos como Cumbia, Ranchera, Corrido, Bolero, Mariachi y otros. Algunos clientes han producido múltiples proyectos aquí durante años, y ahora usted es más que bienvenido para pedir su tiempo por teléfono o vía e-mail, para así poder reunirnos y escuchar algunos ejemplos. Bajo la sección de Galería en nuestro sitio usted puede escuchar un pequeño ejemplo de las grabaciones hispanas que hemos realizado a través de los años.

Por favor, disfrute nuestro sitio.


The Kopsa Family Nears Completion of Second Recording

June 30th, 2015

The Kopsas found themselves back at Tesco Productions in May to record a second time.  Their first CD was recorded over a year and a half ago and was well received.  The emphasis of this latest recording was to capture their family sound prior to some of the older kids moving on to college, summer jobs and all of them just growing up.  Three “new” sounds were heard as the younger ones joined voices and instrument with their older siblings adding wonderful character and sound to their family annals.  We’ve had a listen through session and three mix times now and we’re nearly completed.  It’s turned into a larger project than originally expected as the parents and grandparents got pretty excited about what they were hearing.  This CD is intended more for special “give aways” as they share their faith, music and life with other folks they meet in life’s paths.  It’s been fun to have the Kopsas and their music in the studio once again.

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Ed Blaine and Joe Laughlin Record Song on the Ten Commandments

May 12th, 2015

Ed Blaine called Tesco Productions recently through a referral of Joe Laughlin who finished his CD here (“Are You Ready?”) three and a half years ago.  Ed had been working on a song that put the Ten Commandments to song – something we realized we’ve never or rarely heard before.  Ed and his wife came to Tesco Productions a couple of weeks back and we auditioned an iphone recording of “I Command”, made some recommended changes and scheduled everyone to come in to record the studio version. Ed & Joe record the Ten Commandments at Tesco Productions Both Ed & Joe recorded vocal versions of the song that reminds us of the basic tenets God laid out for relating to Him and each other.  Jesus summarized these by saying we are to “Love the Lord with all our being and our neighbor as ourself”.  Thankfully through Him we can find grace for missing the mark by miles.  Ed’s rendition of the commandments is laid out so it can be sung by a church congregation, used in some other public setting or sung individually.  Thank you for placing this message in front of us.

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The Kopsa Family Performs Again at the GPBOTMA May Show

May 10th, 2015

Kopsa family perform at GPBOTMA May show held at the American Legion #1 Omaha

The Kopsas 5/15 GPBOTMA Show

The Kopsa family was back by popular demand to open for the monthly show/jam of the Great Plains Bluegrass & Old Time Music Association.  Their performance was again well received and made introduction to the newest member who’s adding banjo and some vocals.  Time’s moving on for the family and with college on the horizons and more demands on everyone’s time, this could be a unique event for the Kopsas.  Their first CD, “Lord lead me on”,  was recorded late 2013 at Tesco Productions and received high reviews from its listeners.  Copies are still available and I’ll put you in touch with them if you’d like to have one.

All grins in pickin’!

Their presentation was followed by an hour plus of Bob Black and Banjoy.  This five piece group was also greatly enjoyed as they sang and played songs by a number of  artists.  The GPBOTMA holds their monthly event at the first American Legion organized in the United States, located at 78th & Davenport in Omaha.  The summer will be a reprieve from the monthly meetings due to summer festivals and other activities that keep folks busy during this time.  They’ll resume meeting again on the first Sunday in October.

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