Tesco Productions Website Receives Major Facelift

In June of 2010 Tesco Productions came on board with its first website and clients have enjoyed the showcase and news venue since then. But time and technology keep ever moving on and the site was past due for revisions. Well if you’re reading this you’re already experiencing the changes and new look. It’s truly mobile friendly now, has a faster home page load and should be much easier to find on the major search engines. Going behind the scenes to make those search tools work more effectively will be an on-going process, but this update should make the site much more findable, useful and enjoyable. Thank you for your patience as we made it to this milestone and for visiting us these past five years. We hope you’ll come back regularly to find additional information about Tesco Productions, client updates and articles pertinent to your productions.

Calvin Duhachek Finishes Piano Recordings

Calvin Duhachek returned to Tesco Productions last week and recorded two more songs – one with vocal – to wrap up a recording project begun some time back. With the addition of one more ragtime tune and another fun song with vocal, they have decided it’s time to release Calvin’s first studio recording. Calvin originally came here with a gift certificate I provided through the NTCMA annual festival. The certificate got him well on his way with only a few hours beyond for the additional tunes and running off the eight songs for his master disc. Calvin is a popular attraction at area shows and events, and has noticeably progressed during these recording times in his ivory skills and confidence. If ragtime piano is a favorite of yours, you’ll want to acquire this teens’ renditions. Thank you for allowing Tesco Productions to be part of your musical journey, and keep it fun!

The Kopsa Family Listening Through Their Latest Songs

The Kopsa Family has picked up what may be the final mix version of their songs. What started out to be more of a “snapshot of our family’s music” has taken on an expanded perspective as everyone got more excited about what they were hearing.  So, with one vocal changed out and some revisions in the editing/mixing on a few tunes, we may be on our way to the mastering stage.  Their CD, Lord Lead Me On, which was released one and a half years ago was very well accepted and this promises to be a good follow-up and expansion of their repertoire.

The Kopsas finish recording at Tesco Productions.
It’s All Smiles!!